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Welcome to the WSHL simualtion hockey league. This is a community for hockey lovers of all kinds that love, speak, bleed and live hockey. If your looking for more excitement signup today and get yourself in the game. Best of all it's FREE.. SIGNUP HERE to get in the game. Check out the forums to find more leagues.


W. Lawrence LV 4 Goals
D. Christensen LV 3 Assists
M. Neely MOS 7 Points
J. Schindler TOR 7 +/-
K. Beaton PG 17 Penalty Minutes
K. Evdokimov MOS 4 Wins
E. Schneider LV 0.50 GAA
E. Schneider LV .972 SVP

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12Las Vegas RoadrunnersThe Las Vegas Roadrunners have been among one of the best teams in the last three weeks. I know we don't count the last three weeks, but when a team goes on a nine game winning streak its extremely difficult to go against them in power rankings.
28New Jersey Ice KillersIn my opinion the Ice Killers are the second hottest team in the league, managing to go 4-0 and really solidifying their play off spot. Increasing their lead on third place to ensure themselves home ice.
37Prince George PrideDespite going 2-2 this week, they have displayed the most consistent game. Now posting two straight shut outs they are proving they are coming into the play offs with an upset on their mind. They are likely to face off against Vancouver in round 1,
48Denver Wolves Denver is one of those teams in which could have had a better season but things just couldnt quite go their way. They havent been the strongest in all categories. But this past week they have played like a play off team.
511Kelowna WildfireKelowna has shown some really strong efforts in the later part of the season. They shut out third in the West Airdrie 2-0. And really showed the potential they have to be competitive.
611Airdrie StormAirdrie hasn't been the very best team as of late since going on a five game winning streak two weeks ago. And now that they have moved farther back into third place they are unable to win the east unless Las Vegas and Vancouver lose both games with Airdrie winning both of their last two.
711Kelowna Wildfire Kelowna lost in a blow out game this week to Norrkoping HC but also beat the Halifax Reapers 4-1. In what was a solid display on both sides of the rink. Kelowna is five points back of the final play off spot and will need to win every game to really stand a chance at making the play offs this season.
86Norrkoping HCFalling from third place in the rankings last week to eighth place this week things are not looking very great for Norrkoping, who were officially eliminated from play off contention just two games ago.
91Toronto Shamrocks he Shamrocks finished in first place last week in power rankings and have taken quite the slide since then, going 1-2 this week things have not been looking good for Toronto. Who remain just one point ahead of New Jersey for the final Eastern play off spot
108Denver WolvesIf the Denver Wolves had any chance of making the play offs this season, it has soon been put to rest after two losses against Norrkoping and Prince George. Denver is going to need to win all seven remaining games,
113Airdrie StormWhat can one say about Airdrie? A team that was on the rise winning a season high five game streak, but are now in third place chasing Las Vegas for home ice in round one. Its important that this team picks it up quickly to avoid being passed by Prince George who have also been playing very well as of late.
125Winnipeg BombersJust a while ago the Winnipeg Bombers were one of the streakiest teams in the league but things haven't gone their way this week. Going 3-0 and losing games to Airdrie Storm, Vancouver Rampage and Prince George Pride.


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  • AUG 25: UFHL season opens
  • NOV 10: UFHL All-Star game
  • NOV 13: UFHL Trade Deadline
  • DEC 1: Last day of regular season
  • DEC 6: Playoffs Begin